“books have the same enemies as people: fire, humidity, animals, weather, and their own content.” // p. valéry

and so it began, just four days ago, that the moon hung low and large, and the summer solstice had passed us by – and lo – my hair was enormous

i thought perhaps it would skip the season, this expansion, this increase in mass that had no rhyme or reason, (or ability to maintain its shape). i thought spring had been kind, and that summer would be kinder still. but the 21st day of june came and went and with it came the heat. oh! the oppressive heat, and the clammy, stifling humidity – it tagged along as well.

and so, yet another product was added to the line-up, the usual suspects not able to contain the surge of frizz – and hark! it was mighty – it powered against its opponent, the 978,643% (give or take) humidity and my mane was contained. we survived to live another day, if you can call it that, in 40°C heat.


source : dry hair nourishment & defrizzer via john masters organics


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