“better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.” // confucius

it would be awfully bougie of me to exclaim that i don’t like diamonds, but i’ll be honest, they’ve never been my preferred gem.

perhaps it’s because they’re so very ubiquitous, or it’s due to the thought that if you don’t get one when someone on bended knee asks for your hand, (or something to that effect), it’s as if you’re meant to be pitied. “oh, your friends must feel so sorry for you!” was what my very astute friend said the very moment she saw my tourmaline engagement ring. and i laughed, because i knew she was right, and yet i couldn’t have been more pleased with the choice.

now, i wouldn’t go so far as to turn down a diamond ring if someone was offering, but i’m far more likely to accept one with glee should it be a little rougher around the edges, (figuratively and literally), and a little less pretty than your usual pristine diamond solitaire. i wouldn’t even sneer at a craggy herkimer, or a plain old quartz.





→ source : erica weiner herkimer diamond ring via bona drag

→ source : melissa joy manning black rutilated diamond slice ring via twist online

→ source : emerald and herkimer ring via mirta

→ source : quartz claw ring via still with you


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