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“a ring is a halo on your finger.” // d. coupland

i must have bijou on the brain, because it seems all i can look at these days must have some amount of sparkle. i’ve forever been called a magpie for it, but it’s been a little bit out of hand as of late. and yet, it’s all about the hands.

if you’re of a certain generation, a single, solitary rock à la liz was the showstopper – yet now, a fist full of rings banded around all fingers is totally de rigueur. and i am certainly on board – why stop with one, when many on all digits or a stack on one or two, looks so completely modern and marvelous?





→ source : spring 2013 multi ring set via balenciaga

→ source : silver and faux pearl stacked ring via iosselliani

→ source : absolute genius jewelry designs via mociun, including this moon & stars stack set

→ source : contrast stone stacked ring by maison martin margiela via far fetch

☆ // a merry weekend to all.

“the colour of truth is gray.” // andré gide

it’s not often that i’ll complain about a grey day. a grey day to me is one of opportunity.

not necessarily to get things done, but a convenient freedom to not do much of anything – grey is a pretty good excuse to slow things down, to see the wood for the trees, and to find some calm in the middle ground between black and white.

it’s almost a shame that summer’s here and we won’t get to see those greys all that often.

relax – i said almost.






→ source : kinfolk style dinner via scandinavian deko

→ source : helmut/helmut lang hooded coat via lagarçonne

→ source : image via dreams money can buy

→ source : nail varnish in dove via rgb cosmetics

→ source : image via miss h. (that’s me!)

“like all magnificent things, it’s very simple.” // natalie babbitt

you could jump through hoops – or you could at least jump through the hoops that i used to wear.

i had them in all colours, but mostly i liked them in black. with the circumference nearing that of an excessively large orange, it used to be the party trick for a few friends to make a fist to see if they could get them through the hula hoops i called earrings. i suppose, in retrospect, this was the time and the place for such an obnoxious enterprise – earrings, that due to their sheer size could quite possibly have had their own gravitational pull around the sun.

yet, i refuse to feel shame for the trespasses of youth.

now, however, i’m all about the bliss of simplicity – keep it small, keep it subtle, and keep them far from away from strange hands – you could really hurt yourself if you’re not careful…





→ source : prick silver earrings by kelacala q via accessory artists

→ source : square & infinite tusk earrings by gabriela artigas via shopbop

→ source : short rose gold arc earrings by tiny armour via etsy

→ source : long curved bar stud by jennie kwon

“every absurdity has a champion to defend it.” // oliver goldsmith

“absurdity and anti—absurdity are the two poles of creative energy.” // karl lagerfeld

i won’t wax poetic on all the ways a person can choose to express themselves – yet, the way one seeks to clothe themselves is obviously a potent and many-layered abstraction, (beyond how many necklaces one wears, or how all five of those t-shirts and tunics just… neeeeeeed to go all together to finish your look).

what one finds ridiculous another finds inspirational, and i suppose that is the beauty of fashion, and of subjectiveness. so, i present these items without comment – i may not understand them, i may find them on one end positively twee, to the opposite side of town where the truly tacky resides; but that doesn’t mean that they do not have some inherent worth just because they’re not my bag.

(okay, i suppose that was with some commentary.)





→ source : shorty leather-appliquéd suede slippers by marc by marc jacobs via net-a-porter

→ source : neon yellow féline tank via brian lichtenberg

→ source : x-ray sunglasses from jeremy scott via linda farrow

→ source : sweet talk embroidered leather clutch by sophia webster via browns fashion

“i love bright red drinks, don’t you? they taste twice as good as any other color.” // l.m. montgomery

much like every other woman, (and i’m fairly certain each man and child too), on hot summer days i used to love the chilly sweetness of a cherry popsicle. i adored the frosty crunch and the cerise hue it stained my lips – and those childhood summers were pretty much the only time i liked to paint my mouth red.

there was, admittedly, a moment of gothy maroon in my 16th and 17th years, but nude has pretty much been the aim since then. yet, there are the once-in-a-blue moon moments however, where red beckons.

and so it was yesterday morning – too gray, the rain too torrential and the air too muggy to attempt a cat-flick and a mass of freshly washed curls. so up the hair went, a brush of mascara to the lashes; and with a sweep of carmine, off i went. and though it was a departure from my usual look, it still felt like me, i was just bringing a bit of colour through the clouds.





→ source : rich lip color in crimson via bobbi brown cosmetics

→ source : lip tar in black dahlia via obsessive compulsive cosmetics

→ source : rouge allure in pirate via chanel

→ source : lips in hazard via topshop

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