“it takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” // e.e. cummings

i’ve known for ages, that deep down – i was not the ballerina ‘type’.

i’ve gone through umpteen pairs of flats – all of them falling short in either comfort or accommodation, (meaning, i’d ruin the damn things in one wear). it took me much too long to realize that i am not the dainty and delicate type. and instead of jamming my toes into a pair of repetto cendrillons that will forever be wonderfully wonderful, they just weren’t made for me.

so, instead of trying to be this:


i’ve (finally), and wholly accepted that i am a girl with a side order of toughness – a person for whom a bit more sturdiness is a necessity and also encouraged. and though it has taken me much too long to get to this epiphany, through the search of a good shoe – i’m finally coming around to who i really am.




→ source : metallic goatskin carbon black cendrillon via repetto

→ source : type 9 loafers via adieu paris

→ source : river loire bronze & black sandals via fluevog

→ source : simra black satin platform loafers via acne


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