“like all magnificent things, it’s very simple.” // natalie babbitt

you could jump through hoops – or you could at least jump through the hoops that i used to wear.

i had them in all colours, but mostly i liked them in black. with the circumference nearing that of an excessively large orange, it used to be the party trick for a few friends to make a fist to see if they could get them through the hula hoops i called earrings. i suppose, in retrospect, this was the time and the place for such an obnoxious enterprise – earrings, that due to their sheer size could quite possibly have had their own gravitational pull around the sun.

yet, i refuse to feel shame for the trespasses of youth.

now, however, i’m all about the bliss of simplicity – keep it small, keep it subtle, and keep them far from away from strange hands – you could really hurt yourself if you’re not careful…





→ source : prick silver earrings by kelacala q via accessory artists

→ source : square & infinite tusk earrings by gabriela artigas via shopbop

→ source : short rose gold arc earrings by tiny armour via etsy

→ source : long curved bar stud by jennie kwon


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