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“drop the idea that you are atlas carrying the world on your shoulders. the world would go on even without you. don’t take yourself so seriously.” // n.v. peale

to be absolutely clear, i’d like to think that i have sense of humour about myself. i can take the piss, as they say – (who? i’m not sure). and instead, i choose to carry the weight of the heaviest change purse, replete with rescue bites of chocolate, tokens for trams i never take, bulldog clips for who knows, i might need to visit my lawyer and have a ream of documents to tote. let’s also, not forget the pharmacist’s stash of ibuprofen, fourteen lip-glosses of nearly the identical shade, and sunglasses one, two and cases three.

i’m not sure why it is that i choose to carry this much with me on a daily basis, perhaps i subconsciously believe i’ll commit some crime and will need to hide out on the lamb and so i want to be prepared – because hydrated, glossy lips make it that much harder to be found. now, i’ve never been the girl with the most cake, but i’ve certainly always been the girl with the biggest bag. it’s just part of my charm, (which i keep in the side pocket of my extra large tote).





→ source : ab a brand apart aurum plaque handbag via totokaelo

→ source : midnight suede shoulder tote via baggu

→ source : botkier key cross body bag via shopbop

→ source : alexander mcqueen heroine mini leather bag via browns fashion

“immature love says: ‘i love you because i need you.’ mature love says ‘i need you because i love you.'” // e. fromm

it’s rather hard to distinguish the difference between these two notions and truly understand them.

i loved wham! when i was nine because it was what i needed at the time to lull me out of childhood and into, oh, i don’t know, inappropriate crushes. i loved bomber jackets and ska when i was an adolescent because i thought those things were necessary to get me that much closer to some sort of flash of cool.

now that i’m just a wee bit older, i know that all those things i thought i needed were just the placeholders that would call me back after i had found what i truly adored. and sure, clothes, music – all those things have a part in it – but then, there are those things i wholly need for the very simple reason of ‘i looooooove it!’

it’s inexplicable really – the things that i’m drawn to, no rhyme, no reason… just the need is there, because i love it so. don’t judge – it isn’t an attractive quality…





→ source : neon art (your choice of message… swoon) via tea & kate

→ source : plissè archive accordion folder (not for storage, but just to sit out), by hay via a + r store

→ source : lillagunga swing, even the name makes me all fluttery via the finnish design shop

→ source : the dorm, a knick-knack to house your other knick-knacks via ferm living

“a scout smiles and whistles under all circumstances.” // r. baden-powell

and how could you not be thoroughly at your chipper-est when the goods at your (electronic) reach are as formidable and modern as the ones from the boy scouts?

clean lines, simple design – and a snap to wear, my newest crush is hard to resist. if only i could earn a badge just for wearing it…





→ source : all the lovely things // the boyscouts

[in toronto, you can find the boyscouts at the most awesome easy tiger goods : 1447 dundas street west]

“delicious autumn! my very soul is wedded to it, and if i were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.” // g. eliot

dear autumn,

oh, old friend. it’s been a long time.

crisp mornings, leaves that crunch – tree tops that go from carmine to champagne and the air fills your lungs with a certain crystalline sharpness. but don’t let me go on for too long, i’ll miss you too much and i may have to have a weep. but, hold fast – i’ll see you at the end of september…

with much affection,






→ source : le fashion image

→ source : polished to perfection

→ source : street peeper

→ source : they all hate us

☆ // have an abundantly summery weekend.

“look, i don’t wanna be the same as everybody else. that’s why i’m a mod, see? i mean, you gotta be somebody, ain’t ya, or you might as well jump in the sea and drown.” // jimmy – quadrophenia

let’s not do anything rash – like drowning off the coast of beachy head, but let’s do take a walk down nostalgia lane and ponder one’s my youth.

it doesn’t seem that long ago that i (curly hair be damned), wore my skirts short, my shoes smart and loafered (or, if we were feeling rough, a pair of cherry red dr. martens) –  and hopped on the back of some young gentleman’s rebooted vespa – helmet, optional. the two-stroke engine burn always gave me a headache – but at the time, it seemed so very worth it.

many years on, it all seems a bit of a laugh – but whilst reading in bed with a nice cuppa tea, like the oldster i’ve become, richard weight’s ‘mod: a very british style‘ reminds of just how exciting and influential style can be. roughly one hundred years on from my adolescence, i still feel the impact of that time – mostly on my hemline, but still, i feel it…





→ source : colour block crepe flower tunic via orla kiely

→ source : thalia check dress by étoile isabel marant via lagarçonne

→ source : bi-material drawstring dress via a.p.c.

→ source : colour block t-shirt dress, with the very important laurel wreath, via fred perry

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