“drop the idea that you are atlas carrying the world on your shoulders. the world would go on even without you. don’t take yourself so seriously.” // n.v. peale

to be absolutely clear, i’d like to think that i have sense of humour about myself. i can take the piss, as they say – (who? i’m not sure). and instead, i choose to carry the weight of the heaviest change purse, replete with rescue bites of chocolate, tokens for trams i never take, bulldog clips for who knows, i might need to visit my lawyer and have a ream of documents to tote. let’s also, not forget the pharmacist’s stash of ibuprofen, fourteen lip-glosses of nearly the identical shade, and sunglasses one, two and cases three.

i’m not sure why it is that i choose to carry this much with me on a daily basis, perhaps i subconsciously believe i’ll commit some crime and will need to hide out on the lamb and so i want to be prepared – because hydrated, glossy lips make it that much harder to be found. now, i’ve never been the girl with the most cake, but i’ve certainly always been the girl with the biggest bag. it’s just part of my charm, (which i keep in the side pocket of my extra large tote).





→ source : ab a brand apart aurum plaque handbag via totokaelo

→ source : midnight suede shoulder tote via baggu

→ source : botkier key cross body bag via shopbop

→ source : alexander mcqueen heroine mini leather bag via browns fashion


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