“i don’t know about you, but every time some joker points me out as i walk through an airport wearing extra-small dolfin shorts, a tank top and leg warmers, i get a little upset.” // richard simmons

i am in no way endorsing an investment in to a pair of leg-warmers, but – if like richard, you’ve got the gams and the weather is a hybrid of oven set at 425° and swamp, i do think the perfect outfit to wade about in this hot broth of summer – would be a tank top and shorts.

now, i do understand that not everyone (me) would feel comfortable showing that much thigh (and perhaps a clavicle), but should you be in a daring mood, throw caution to the wind and make sure to use a sharp razor and reach those tough spots behind your knees.

stand proud of those pegs, whether they be long and lithe, or short and shapely… don’t even waste a thought, it’s too damn hot out there.





→ source : crinkle chiffon shorts by girl by band of outsiders via lagarçonne

→ source : paradox printed shorts by something else via madewell

→ source : bf denim short by river island via asos

→ source : hawaiian sunset short via jcrew



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