“appearances are often misleading.” // aesop

however, let’s be honest:

“i am a deeply superficial person.” // andy warhol

to be perfectly frank – and ultimately shallow, i’m a sucker for appearances. and you can deny it, but i’m fairly certain that you are too. and that’s okay, it’s perfectly fine by me. i know where i stand in the thick of my own existentialism. i am who i am, i like what i like, and what is pleasing to mine eye, is pleasing to mine eye. (this is not to say that i don’t have a deeper meaning in life than this, but for the right now, that’s not important – and if you’d like we can wax poetic on philosophy, poetry and politics after we talk about the pretty.)

and the pretty is – aesop. i liked the way the products looked – before i liked them for how they worked. and i’m okay with that. because behind the pretty façade, the minimalist packaging and the utilitarian concept – it all just works like a charm. and doesn’t that just beat all? being superficial doesn’t always have to be all surface – sometimes it can get pretty skin-deep.





→ source : all the things to scrub you clean via aesop

[in toronto, a selection of aesop products are available at oliver spencer]


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