“hot town, summer in the city
back of my neck getting burnt and gritty…

cool town, evening in the city
dressed so fine and looking so pretty
cool cat, looking for a kitty
gonna look in every corner of the city
till I’m wheezing at the bus stop
running up the stairs, gonna meet you on the rooftop…”

// lovin’ spoonful

and then there are those, very much unlike me, who just bloom in the sunshine.

for those the heat makes not a lick of difference – if anything, the sun makes them shine brighter and glimmer like the cool blue of water in a pool. and i envy those girls – that instead of berating the heat, they welcome it with open arms and give it a big, sloppy, affectionate hug. it’s because they don’t get all sweaty – the broil just makes them dewy. those bitches… (kidding!)





→ source : street style from milan – men’s fashion week via all the pretty birds

→ source : tamu from all the pretty birds via vanessa jackman

→ source : pippa holland via wolf eyebrows

→ source : a very happy alice agnelli, via wear color – originally posted at all the pretty birds


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