“europe is so well gardened that it resembles a work of art, a scientific theory, a neat metaphysical system.” // a. huxley

there’s nothing as close to perfect than sitting outside watching the chic walk by, whilst sipping on a frothy café crème in paris.

though, come to think of it, roaming through the streets of kreuzberg in berlin bears a mention in that category as well. as does a bike-ride through the tulpen in amsterdam or an afternoon spent at the tate modern. i could go on, but i don’t think i should, as the longer i do, the likelier it is that i’ll get myself into some sort of germanic sorge, about how it used to be something very close to cheap and more than cheerful due to proximity, time and just dumb youth.

now, an ocean away, time, distance and a mortgage won’t permit a european sojourn anytime soon – but i’ll see the light, as les pharmacies françaises und die deutsche apotheke are close at hand, and closer still at the touch of the ‘submit order’ button…





→  source : gentle deep pore cleanser by institut esthederm via dermconcept

→ source : now bear with me, feutichtigkeits & shutzspray by guhl via douglas

→ source : mini colour in black by mavala via le guide sante

→ source : beautiful skin purifying mask by no.7 via boots


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