“do not be angry with the rain; it simply does not know how to fall upwards.” // v. nabokov

if you live somewhere in the vicinity of where i am, you’ll have noticed on any and all streams that a mighty rain has fallen – and i have to admit, it was pretty epic. it’s been a volatile summer, meteorologically speaking – and we’re only roughly twenty days in.

the rain has made it’s mark, on both my lawn and my mane, and the humidity has brought me close to a good weep. it would be a sweeping understatement to say that this weather leaves much to be desired – the only consolation i can take, is that with the rain, comes winsome accessories…





→ source : maison kitsuné x aigle poncho via gravity pope

→ source : ankle rain boot w/contrast sole via ilse jacobsen

→ source : duro olowu black & white umbrella via tate modern

→ source : ultragirl by gareth pugh collab via melissa


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