“geometry is not true, it is advantageous.” // henri poincaré

i’ll let you in on one of my most shameful secrets.

during the history of my entire scholastic career, i excelled at arts and letters. geography, history and social studies never stood in my way. i laughed in the face of the liberal arts. ha! i said. ha. and yet. faced with an equation – be it mathematic, schematic, or scientific – my mind would become addled, a jumble-sale of letters and numbers that just wouldn’t scan.

and then, it was in my last term of high school, and though my other grades placed me on the honour’s list – my geometry grade was very near to holding me hostage for the summer. and that just wasn’t something i was prepared to come to terms with. i wanted out of high school and into independence. my maths grade was keeping me from my freedom.

and so – on the smallest scrap of paper, i scrawled the crib note that would bring me my liberty. and i don’t regret a thing – except perhaps not cottoning on to the appeal of geometry a little bit sooner…





→ source : palace hotel cuff via aoko su

→ source : dart bangle via another feather

→ source : bamboo geo ‘bangers’ via faris

→ source : marlowe necklace via moxham

☆ // have a glorious weekend…


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