“brevity is the soul of lingerie.” // d. parker

that’s the irony inherent in lingerie – however quickly you might want to be rid of it, those foundation garments are the under pinnings of our waking days. (why yes, i am clever, both figuratively and literally.)

and though it might’ve taken me much too long to fully comprehend that i am allowed to feel actual comfort, from the very bottom of me and the shoes that i wear, (high heels + me = never), to a little higher up, and ‘oh, hi there under-wire brassiere, see this open door? why don’t you take a walk? forever.’

and so, many-a-moon after i got my first white, all cotton and rather staid, trainer, i’m back to wearing what i started in. almost. no frills, no under-wire, no lovely, but entirely superfluous lace. it may seem a complete bore, but there is much in the way of sexy in simplicity…





→ source : silk chiffon beatrice bra via araks

→ source : bamboo jersey lady bra by base range via lagarçonne

→ source : grosgrain insertion bra by VPL via journelle

→ source : scarlet hausu bustier by the lake and stars via the lingerie and her film


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