“immature love says: ‘i love you because i need you.’ mature love says ‘i need you because i love you.'” // e. fromm

it’s rather hard to distinguish the difference between these two notions and truly understand them.

i loved wham! when i was nine because it was what i needed at the time to lull me out of childhood and into, oh, i don’t know, inappropriate crushes. i loved bomber jackets and ska when i was an adolescent because i thought those things were necessary to get me that much closer to some sort of flash of cool.

now that i’m just a wee bit older, i know that all those things i thought i needed were just the placeholders that would call me back after i had found what i truly adored. and sure, clothes, music – all those things have a part in it – but then, there are those things i wholly need for the very simple reason of ‘i looooooove it!’

it’s inexplicable really – the things that i’m drawn to, no rhyme, no reason… just the need is there, because i love it so. don’t judge – it isn’t an attractive quality…





→ source : neon art (your choice of message… swoon) via tea & kate

→ source : plissè archive accordion folder (not for storage, but just to sit out), by hay via a + r store

→ source : lillagunga swing, even the name makes me all fluttery via the finnish design shop

→ source : the dorm, a knick-knack to house your other knick-knacks via ferm living


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