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“appearances are often misleading.” // aesop

however, let’s be honest:

“i am a deeply superficial person.” // andy warhol

to be perfectly frank – and ultimately shallow, i’m a sucker for appearances. and you can deny it, but i’m fairly certain that you are too. and that’s okay, it’s perfectly fine by me. i know where i stand in the thick of my own existentialism. i am who i am, i like what i like, and what is pleasing to mine eye, is pleasing to mine eye. (this is not to say that i don’t have a deeper meaning in life than this, but for the right now, that’s not important – and if you’d like we can wax poetic on philosophy, poetry and politics after we talk about the pretty.)

and the pretty is – aesop. i liked the way the products looked – before i liked them for how they worked. and i’m okay with that. because behind the pretty façade, the minimalist packaging and the utilitarian concept – it all just works like a charm. and doesn’t that just beat all? being superficial doesn’t always have to be all surface – sometimes it can get pretty skin-deep.





→ source : all the things to scrub you clean via aesop

[in toronto, a selection of aesop products are available at oliver spencer]

“i bought my brother some gift-wrap for christmas. i took it to the gift wrap department and told them to wrap it, but in a different print so he would know when to stop unwrapping.” // s. wright

i remember, very vividly the room i lived in until the age of three.

it had a small dark-wooden framed bed, placed against the wall – right under what seemed to me at the time, a very large landscape window – the sun always woke me up. but most of all, i remember the wallpaper. it had an off-white background and cartoon-like animals on repeat – lions with smiles and untamed manes, purplish grey elephants, moss green turtles, and snakes, with sunny dispositions. i absolutely loved it. and in retrospect, adore it more for its unabashed retro-feel, and for the fact that underneath that thick layer of paper, were at least ten more layers of paper – so that you could see the past, the history of that old house, dogeared by seams coming unglued; like wrapping paper coming off the corners of gifts. it kind of makes me want to wallpaper every wall in the house, just so some other little girl can unwrap a little bit of history.





→ source : clouds wallpaper in storm via aimeé wilder

→ source : half-moon wallpaper via ferm living

→ source : ruutukaava wallpaper in black & white via marimekko

→ source : espiga wallpaper in silver via hygge cooperative

“brevity is the soul of lingerie.” // d. parker

that’s the irony inherent in lingerie – however quickly you might want to be rid of it, those foundation garments are the under pinnings of our waking days. (why yes, i am clever, both figuratively and literally.)

and though it might’ve taken me much too long to fully comprehend that i am allowed to feel actual comfort, from the very bottom of me and the shoes that i wear, (high heels + me = never), to a little higher up, and ‘oh, hi there under-wire brassiere, see this open door? why don’t you take a walk? forever.’

and so, many-a-moon after i got my first white, all cotton and rather staid, trainer, i’m back to wearing what i started in. almost. no frills, no under-wire, no lovely, but entirely superfluous lace. it may seem a complete bore, but there is much in the way of sexy in simplicity…





→ source : silk chiffon beatrice bra via araks

→ source : bamboo jersey lady bra by base range via lagarçonne

→ source : grosgrain insertion bra by VPL via journelle

→ source : scarlet hausu bustier by the lake and stars via the lingerie and her film

“it was the possibility of darkness that made the day seem so bright.” // s. king

i’d like to assert that this will be my last meandering on the weather.

yet, i know that that will be an agreement i will likely retract. until this weather breaks, (or until it breaks me), let’s just take it as fact – i’m not going to be able to restrain myself. i’ll understand if you need to take a break.

the one bright spot in all of this, and trust i’m reaching for it, is that the relentless shine of the sun means that my vast collection of sunglasses has not gone underused. nor has my desire to seek out a new pair been deterred. some women have shoes, i rely on sunglasses. and so – let that fiery orb burn, i’ll keep my shades on – and wait for the dark. it’ll have to happen eventually.





→ source : balko in jade via oliver goldsmith

→ source : chaucer in crystal by paul smith via oliver peoples

→ source : platony in black via thierry lasry

→ source : 1082 in lime via cutler and gross

(barring the lasry’s – it seems i might be going through a translucent frame phase…)

☆ // let your weekend be bright.

“hot town, summer in the city
back of my neck getting burnt and gritty…

cool town, evening in the city
dressed so fine and looking so pretty
cool cat, looking for a kitty
gonna look in every corner of the city
till I’m wheezing at the bus stop
running up the stairs, gonna meet you on the rooftop…”

// lovin’ spoonful

and then there are those, very much unlike me, who just bloom in the sunshine.

for those the heat makes not a lick of difference – if anything, the sun makes them shine brighter and glimmer like the cool blue of water in a pool. and i envy those girls – that instead of berating the heat, they welcome it with open arms and give it a big, sloppy, affectionate hug. it’s because they don’t get all sweaty – the broil just makes them dewy. those bitches… (kidding!)





→ source : street style from milan – men’s fashion week via all the pretty birds

→ source : tamu from all the pretty birds via vanessa jackman

→ source : pippa holland via wolf eyebrows

→ source : a very happy alice agnelli, via wear color – originally posted at all the pretty birds

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