“i saw a human pyramid once. it was very unnecessary.” // m. hedberg

who’s to say what is and what is not necessary? what for one seems needless, for another is absolutely indispensable.

i, for one, cannot dream of a world without iced coffees, cheese pizzas, the perfect nude lip-colour, and stacks upon stacks, (and drawers upon drawers) of clinking bijou.

i could go on at length, (and probably have) about how i couldn’t and wouldn’t leave the house without two armfuls of bangles and chains, not to mention the ones wrapped around my neck. my lobes play a part too, but they’re usually much more restrained to let my extremities steal the show. and so. more trinkets are most definitely not a necessity, but they are certainly, and most wonderfully, inevitable.






→ source : all the lovely things (let me have them please) // maria black


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