“it was the possibility of darkness that made the day seem so bright.” // s. king

i’d like to assert that this will be my last meandering on the weather.

yet, i know that that will be an agreement i will likely retract. until this weather breaks, (or until it breaks me), let’s just take it as fact – i’m not going to be able to restrain myself. i’ll understand if you need to take a break.

the one bright spot in all of this, and trust i’m reaching for it, is that the relentless shine of the sun means that my vast collection of sunglasses has not gone underused. nor has my desire to seek out a new pair been deterred. some women have shoes, i rely on sunglasses. and so – let that fiery orb burn, i’ll keep my shades on – and wait for the dark. it’ll have to happen eventually.





→ source : balko in jade via oliver goldsmith

→ source : chaucer in crystal by paul smith via oliver peoples

→ source : platony in black via thierry lasry

→ source : 1082 in lime via cutler and gross

(barring the lasry’s – it seems i might be going through a translucent frame phase…)

☆ // let your weekend be bright.


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