“anyone who isn’t confused really doesn’t understand the situation.” // e.r. murrow

my understanding of the situation is as clear as glass. and with this great insight, comes vast fields of bafflement. and where does that shoulder-shrugging show up? mainly on my face.

unsure about what to do in life? you’ll see that frustration right there on my chin. stuck in some sort of existential pickle? the answer you seek will make itself clear when you stare deeply at the crimson lump on my forehead. want to remember to pack your sunglasses? make sure to check me out when i’m squinting into some middle-distance pondering my navel. life is confusing, and so – my face has become the 8-ball of mystification. it tells me i am both young, and getting old(er). it tells me that i’ve laughed a lot and cried just as much. it’s as shiny as an oil slick, and as thirsty as a camel.

i need (a lot of) help clearing this whole thing up.





→ source : help me retinol night treatment via philosophy

→ source : max correction complexion pads via peter thomas roth

→ source : invisible pores detox mask via ren

→ source : melissa day cream by dr. hauscka via bath & unwind


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