“ah, women. they make the highs higher and the lows more frequent.” // f. nietzsche

ah, there’s nothing quite like the words of a celebrated misogynist/philosopher to finely point the scepter of truth on the very definition of what a woman will endure for the sake of some arbitrary notion of beauty.

i’m talking about a high heel, of course.

there has been nothing i’ve worn that has garnered me more flattery, (from both sexes) – and filled me with such anguish at the very same time. a stiletto is at the very root of what was once my sheer frustration at getting gussied up for an event that requested more from me than my daily uniform of a simple jersey dress and a pair of flats (of any persuasion). i knew the moment i put them on, my night was already at its end. there would be no dancing, there would be no mingling, there would only be a never-ending inner monologue of pain and complaints. i would only get on the dance floor to cross it should i have needed access to the powder room.

i’m not sure why it never dawned on me, that wearing a high heel was not mandatory. there is no protocol that demands that i, as a woman, must wear them. honestly, it was like finding my own eureka moment, bath not required.

and so, as a short girl who never found it necessary to compensate for my lack of height with a pair of sky-highs, should i ever feel the need to get to some sort of higher level, i’ve found that there are more than a few options…





→ source : deux souliers loafers 

→ source : calvin klein collection sandals

→ source : sonia rykiel creepers

→ source : pedro garcia oxfords

// hey. i found some shoes at shoe scribe i liked… a lot.


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