“for the love of god, unless you’re prepping for rigoletto at the met, go easy on the eyeliner.” // c. cory

i’m beginning to fret that i’ve become repetitive. and it’s not that i haven’t got a clue, it’s just that when something as glorious as this comes along, what does it matter that i might’ve mentioned another similar product just twelve days ago?

being considerably beauty-product-obsessed, and also, apparently, a bit like jacob two-two, once i hurried away with my marc jacobs beauty booty that i waxed lyrical about, (yes, just six days ago), i realized i had chanced upon the holy grail of liquid liners. the cleverly named magic marc’er is without question, the winner of my never-ending quest for the best pen-liner, ever. period. done. finished. the end.

this is not hyperbole for the sake of being dramatic, after having tried all the liners that i could reasonably get my hands on, this is the most saturated, blackest, long-wearing, won’t-budge-even-if-you-have-a-good-cry-or-if-it’s-40°C-out eyeliner that i’ve ever tried. high praise, i know, but i’m not scared.


→ source : go, go now, get it, quickly at sephora


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