“what is an adult? a child blown up by age.” // s. de beauvoir

i’ve never had any problem admitting that there was a part of me that was still a child. i’m not childish, per se, but i don’t think that there’s anything wrong with holding on to just a little bit of that childlike humour, a touch of the ridiculous, and a whole lot of silly. it’s fine. it’s good – it’s imperative if you’d like to get through the sometimes very adult lives we lead.

and i know – that peering at the life through the eyes of a newly-minted four-year old, it’s a fairly extraordinary run, in soooo many ways. and in one such (extremely) superficial way, i’ve realized my kid and i, we pretty much dress the same, and that’s okay… like margaret atwood says, “i believe that everyone else my age is an adult whereas i am merely in disguise.” and for me, it’s simple – my disguise resides in the wardrobe of my child…





→ source : littlehorn wild crew-neck sweater via wild and mini

→ source : black dotti oxfords via zuzii

→ source : girls’ utility jacket w/faux fur trim via j.crew

→ source : popupshop grey sweatshirt dress via sweet william ltd.

note: i would wear all of this. appropriate for a four year-old, and a thirty-blahblah year old.


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