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“feed on her damask cheek: she pined in thought,

and with a green and yellow melancholy she sat like patience on a monument, smiling at grief…” // w. shakespeare : twelfth night





two colours never seen in my wardrobe, but undeniably beautiful…

→ source : image via kate spade

→ source : image via cfda tumblr

→ source : image via style saint

→ source : envious of both the eye-makeup and the hair… image via pinterest

☆ // your weekend, let it be colourful.

“what to do? we yanked the dress up over her lovely attributes and with the addition of a scarf, the problem was solved.” // a. meadows

i’m fairly certain that i could cover every window in the house and create some pretty awesome shade, just by using my stock of scarves. yes, i have a few.

i don’t believe them to be a flip swath of cloth that merely hangs around the neck. see, i’ve always been protective of my neck.

if you believe in astrology, you’ll note that a typical descriptor of those bulls born in may are known for keeping their necks in check. if you subscribe to a somewhat alternative mode of healing, waaaaaaaay removed from western medicine, i could tell you about the healers, (yes – plural), my parents took me to. those who never put a hand on me, but instead looked intensely at the whites of my eyes, and at the bumps on my tongue and told me to forever be wary of my neck. so, needless to say, i’m circumspect when it comes to my throat.

are these the reasons why my collection of scarves has become almost unreasonable? or is it merely just another excuse to add yet another accessory on to my rather crowded hang-it-all? does it matter the reason, when they’re as gorgeous as these helen dealtry scarves? (no. no, it doesn’t…)





→ source : all the pretty things from woking girl designs // helen dealtry

[available at mille]

“i love september, especially when we’re in it.” // w. stargell

we’re inching closer to getting out of summer. and though i’d love to feign some wistful melancholy about the passing of the season, let’s just call a spade a spade and let me aver that i’m loving that september is just an epilogue away. i’m sorry i’m not sorry.

and though i’m lightyears on from having to stock up on an inventory of binders, books and biros – i still get a thrill whenever i walk into a specialty shop whose kitty is overrun by kicky pens and snappy scratch pads. for someone who is so devoutly in the digital age, it’s shocking how many notebooks and ink-filled pens i actually have… and trust me, this fact will not induce me to stop. call it nostalgia, blame it on the remembrance of septembers past…





→ source : delfonics rollbahn via omoi zukka shop

→ source : kaweco ice sport ballpoint pen via the notemaker

→ source : tissue calendar via russell & hazel

→ source : penseé wooden pens via walker shop

“if truth is beauty, how come no one has their hair done in the library?” // l. tomlin

throughout the years, i’ve been willing to sacrifice a lot for some strange ideal of beauty that i’ve got knocking around in my head. i’ve zapped, peeled, picked and prodded. and that’s just in reference to the small piece of real estate of my face.

instead of beauty sleep, i get up with the sun to make sure i have enough time to put on my face, (which reads rather ironic), and to get closer to the fire, to make sure i have time to do battle with my hair. and trust, it’s been a fierce fight. it’s the plight of the curly-haired girl.

it was long – and then it was cut VERY short. and then, at roughly the same time that my first spot appeared in the vicinity of my chin, that first lock of hair took a turn and became a kink. from the age of 19 to 26, with a very hot dryer pointed to my scalp, i dragged every single curl out of my hair. it didn’t matter that it wouldn’t keep, it wouldn’t matter that anything above 2% humidity would make it do a flip, i was determined that i would not have curly hair. i was adamant, i could get that perfect mod bob.

and then, one day – i was too tired to ever do it again – and i accepted the fact that my hair was as unruly as my sense of direction and occasionally, my humour. i still crave simple hair, you know, to be one of those girls who just washes ‘n goes. i’d like to think those girls don’t actually exist – except… i actually know a few. it’s really annoying.





→ source : image via skin of the night tumblr & vogue

→ source : image via l’extravagance tumblr

→ source : image via vanessa jackman

→ source : (what gorgeous hair! and shoes! and dress!) image via lolobu

“it’s morally wrong to allow a sucker to keep his money.” // w.c. fields

and wouldn’t you know it – i’m skint.*

of course, i’m looking for blue-ribbon goods here – i’ve not gone on a search for some little bit of tat that will look cheerful for a moment then fall to pieces if a swift wind comes in. but, truth be told, i’m a sucker when it comes to judging a book by its cover – if the book we’re talking about is a swell beauty product. if it’s simple, modern and to the point, with just a flicker of high-gloss – and i’m just about half-way sold. it’s a character weakness, i know – but i just can’t help it. i think marc jacobs must’ve had me in mind when he came up the brilliant idea of coming out with his beauty line… i’m done, you’ll find me in line.





→ source : all the pretty things from marc jacobs beauty via sephora

*(ever wondered about the name of this thing?)

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