“i love september, especially when we’re in it.” // w. stargell

we’re inching closer to getting out of summer. and though i’d love to feign some wistful melancholy about the passing of the season, let’s just call a spade a spade and let me aver that i’m loving that september is just an epilogue away. i’m sorry i’m not sorry.

and though i’m lightyears on from having to stock up on an inventory of binders, books and biros – i still get a thrill whenever i walk into a specialty shop whose kitty is overrun by kicky pens and snappy scratch pads. for someone who is so devoutly in the digital age, it’s shocking how many notebooks and ink-filled pens i actually have… and trust me, this fact will not induce me to stop. call it nostalgia, blame it on the remembrance of septembers past…





→ source : delfonics rollbahn via omoi zukka shop

→ source : kaweco ice sport ballpoint pen via the notemaker

→ source : tissue calendar via russell & hazel

→ source : penseé wooden pens via walker shop


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