“dwell on the beauty of life. watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.” // m. aurelius

i’ve always been more about the dark, than the light. and it’s not because i grew up with some morrissey refrain that made me think that life was all angsty and appallingly mundane; or because robert smith induced me to believe that hiding in a cupboard was a pretty worthwhile pastime.

it’s just that sunshine and blue skies are just so par for the course. gorgeous, to be sure – but when you live in the city, and you catch a glimpse of some bright and shiny star, it’s almost like you need to catch your breath – as you might not get a chance to see one again for a long, long while – or until you venture out into the wilderness, and stick some posts in the wood and set up a tent for the night. but who are we kidding? you and i both know that’s not going to happen – i need running water, and barely a hint of bear.

in truth, i think i’ve just wanted to bring a little bit of the celestial a little closer to home. so i could marvel at its wonder from a much closer distance…





→ source : celestial necklace via jennifer fisher

→ source : light moon ring via scosha

→ source : shadow icicle star earrings by mizuki via twist

→ source : lightning bolt ring via bing bang


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