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“how lovely are the portals of the night, when stars come out to watch the daylight die.” // t. cole

the weekend tried. it tried to trick us into thinking that summer was still here.

it was warm – too warm, bright and sunny. but it was easy to see through the weather’s charms. it was a valiant effort, but it became very obvious that it is indeed autumn – as sunset was timed at an early bird 7.01 est – and that only happens when summer daze has swept itself wayway south. it’s precisely at this time of year that once twilight hits – i’m searching for an extra lamp around the house because i can’t see a damn thing. though everything and everyone looks infinitely better in dim light, my eyesight is dreadful enough – and so i say, let there be light…





→ source : gubi cobra floor lamp via finnish design shop

→ source : bell pendant lamp via normann copenhagen

→ source : nud collection textile pendant lamps via connox

→ source : artemide tolomeo micro color table lamp via lumens

“some birds are not meant to be caged, that’s all. their feathers are too bright, their songs too sweet and wild. so you let them go, or when you open the cage to feed them they somehow fly out past you. and the part of you that knows it was wrong to imprison them in the first place rejoices, but still, the place where you live is that much more drab and empty for their departure.” // s. king





→ source : metropolis print tote via henrik vibskov

→ source : architectmade large oak bird via finnish design shop

→ source : stella mccartney bird tee via far fetch

→ source : taika large plate via iittala

☆ // may you be as free as a bird this weekend…

“androgyny is not trying to manage the relationship between the opposites; it is simply flowing between them.” // j. singer

and now for the very antithesis of yesterday’s post: the thought that a woman can have a touch of the masculine in her manner of dress – yet can still be inherently feminine. it’s more interesting to note that a man cannot so seamlessly pass through that relationship of opposites, but that’s a discussion better left for another day – and for those who are better equipped to deal in matters more serious than what one should wear in the morning.

there’s something i find so instantly appealing about a woman who wears a lapel and a sharp shoulder. it’s not hard to suss out why; i’ve forever thought that mixing the girlish with an element of grit is a combination very close to flawless. it’s the ideal…





→ image source : the fashion tag

→ image source : always perfect, always amazing – kate lanphear via harper’s bazaar australia

→ image source : hanna’s room

→ image source : grazia daily – i’d like to be the really short and curvy girl in the middle between kate lanphear and jenna lyons. inspiration juggernauts!

“i wish that every human life might be pure transparent freedom.” // s. de beauvoir

to be perfectly clear – i’ve always liked a granny pant.

the reason that is of any significance to you is simple. not only are they far superior in comfort in comparison to any other flimsy bit of fabric you put between you and your clothes, but what is of utmost importance is that if you’re going to pull off the sheer look with some aplomb and very far removed from cheap street – you’re going to need a granny pant. it lends a hand of modesty to an otherwise overtly provocative look – and adds a dash of humour. the thing is, i’d hazard a guess that most eyes would view this sort of look as dainty and utterly feminine – that a wisp of a woman would wear something as sheer, floaty and dreamlike as a see-through dress. i’d aver that they would be wrong: you’d need a nerve of steel and an unshakable confidence to pull this off – you’d be pretty close to wonder woman in my estimation…





→ image source via : the always perfect yasmin sewell via street peeper

→ image source via : pinterest

→ image source via : wishbone wanderlust

→ image source via : pretty stems

“movies can and do have tremendous influence in shaping young lives in the realm of entertainment towards the ideals and objectives of normal adulthood.” // w. disney

if the ideals and objectives toward normal adulthood were sex, drugs and rock n’roll, old walt would’ve had a really valid point. since common sense and you know, morals come in to play more often than not, it’s simpler to view films as they truly are: a representation of life, but with a thick coating of fiction and a healthy dose of editing, (which, unfortunately, we do not reap the benefits of in real life.) yet with fiction, comes a great muse for our lives out here in non-fictionland. namely – the visual. interiors, exteriors, and posteriors – the clothes you choose to express yourself with. something in a movie speaks volumes to you and those images end up playing a bigger role in your everyday than just the two hours spent in a darkened theatre, futilely wiping the buttery-popcorn sheen off your fingers – or, if you were anything like some people i knew, making out…





→ source : blow up by michelangelo antonioni // no self-respecting mod would deny this film’s place in their sartorial history.

→ source : quadrophenia by the who // we are the mods, we are the mods, we are the mods, ad infinitum…

→ source : pretty in pink by john hughes  // i am a child of the 80s. duckie was perfect, andie was a styling genius.

→ source : the royal tenenbaums by wes anderson // one word: margot.

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