“if more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” // j.r.r. tolkien

should you have passed the age of roughly… 29 – you’ll have noticed that your needs as a social animal have probably changed.

when once you trailed cigarette smoke into the buzz of booze and a puddle of something approximating physical affection, you’ve by now probably taken off your shoes and are rummaging through your best friend’s cupboards in search of a cracker to go with that really sharp, aged cheese.

we all know how it happens and we have the best of intentions, but as the second-hand of the clock doesn’t seem to get stuck, we’ve, (fine, if you still want to go out on friday night and come home on saturday morning), I’VE found that all we really need to pass that time is a group of great friends, good conversation and some wonderful food to shove into our mouths, with elegance, of course. looking good as you walk in the door helps, style is forever key – but if you’re amongst friends, they wouldn’t mind if you chose to wear your grubbiest sweats and tattiest tee to a friday night fête chez vous, right?





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