“if I look confused it is because i am thinking.” // s. goldwyn

if it seems like i have all my ducks in a row – you’d be right.

however, what you should be looking at, is the angle at which those ducks are pointing – and they are every which-expletive deletedway. i am clearly befuddled. blame it on a curious lack of sleep, a total lack of physical exertion, due to immovable feet set in concrete/motivational issues, and then tack on my advancing age. combine these and you find a heady mix of self-deprecation and day drinking. but not really – it’s up to you to figure out which one i’m referring to in the literal.

and as well as i’d like to think i’m keeping my slightly muddled mind under wraps, my skin is betraying my trust. it’s telling you all about my little-white lies and lack of care. and since my vanity is the first gear to kick in when i’m down – i’m pulling myself up from my bootstraps and getting myself a new skincare regimen. you’ve got to start somewhere, right?





→ source : alpha h clear skin daily face wash via bath and unwind

→ source : invigorating night gel via ole henriksen

→ source : tay purifying botanical water via co. bigelow

→ source : sensitive skin calming fluid via trilogy


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