“whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” // b. derek

it’s true that approximately 97.3% of the buying i do is done whilst engaged in other tasks – phone calls, (i’m not ignoring you, please hold), writing emails, (save to drafts, i’ll get to you later), or answering texts, (i can do that and purchase this dress at the same time so, no worries). it isn’t that i don’t enjoy shopping, it’s quite the contrary – i just don’t like doing it out of doors. i don’t enjoy being eyed by impatient sales staff, the shrill scrape of each and every hanger looking for the appropriate size drives me batty, and i absolutely loathe the expectation of being rushed. these are very typical feelings i have when i need to purchase an item or seven, in a shop, IRL.

buying things online brings with it an enormous amount of ease. it also brings with it an element of danger – as you’re not really aware of the damage being done until boxes pile up on your doorstep. however, that too has an elusive and amazing feeling of delayed gratification that you can almost justify ignoring your next credit card bill.

yet, after all is said and done, i know the importance of shopping local – and although i’m far from a 10 – and far from buying myself happiness, i do know where to pick up a bit of cheer – there are loads of places in toronto to do just that…





→ source : repairing facial oil by crawford street skincare – also available at clementine fields

→ source : aella necklace by biko – also available at the drake general store

→ source : dry canvas day bag by hoibo located in the distillery and at zane

→ source : ready-to-drink and an amazing cold brew concentrate by northwood – also available at likely general


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