“the formulation of the problem is often more essential than its solution, …” // a. einstein

you put it all together and the math should work.

a length of cord + a pendant. you wear it around your neck and you call it a necklace. the same goes for a chain, a bangle, a bead or stone – clasp it about your wrist and name it a bracelet. the equation is the same, but the sum of its parts are decidedly different. as mentioned, i’ve always been bad at math, but forever attracted to geometry – just the type that needs to be worn, as opposed to the kind that needs to be powered through logic and wisdom. sometimes, however – i feel i’m drawn to a more organic type of math – one that comes from chemistry, the study of structure and the reactions of organic compounds and materials. and again, it’s not meant for notebooks, but to decorate – necks, wrists, and fingers.





→ source : charli bracelet via dannijo

→ source : tela necklace via tiro tiro

→ source : julie cohn barnacle ring via shop mille

→ source : shield necklace via odette


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