“i’ll tell you what: i believe mysticism is a very serious endeavor. one must be equipped for it.” // e. wiesel

i tell you what. i don’t think i’m equipped for it.

i’ve forever averred that whatever it is that you need to get you through the night is what you should call your own without fear or judgement – if it helps you rest easy at night, it shouldn’t matter to anyone else what it is that you believe in. and since i refuse to get too heady about such things, because let me be very clear, this whole endeavor is very much a collective of somewhat idiosyncratic thoughts on a topic that on the surface, is rather… surface.

my philosophy is somewhat steeped in superstition and a good schmear of humour. it’s what helps me sleep at night. but if the head of a snake, the mane of a lion and the claw of an eagle ward you from evil and make you feel safe, wear them… lots of them, and carry on with your strong self.





→ source : aeternum pendant by pamela love nyc

→ source : ouroboros signet ring by talon nyc

→ source : reason’s eye pendant by aesa via bona drag

→ source : two moon cuff by suzannah wainhouse


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