“there are some women whose pregnancy would make some sly bachelor smile.” // h. de balzac

for the record, i am not up the duff. i am also not planning to be again; my heart is very full with what i’ve got. i will say however, that should you plan to get knocked up anytime soon, or are currently incubating a babe, count yourself very, very lucky indeed. because these clothes? they are not maternity clothes. these are clothes that will happily accommodate your belly, whether it be flat or about not to be – and will make it very clear to all those paying attention that you’re not giving up the ghost just because you’re having a kid. i tell you what – i’m probably going to pick up one of these frocks, and i’ll feel no shame about where it came from. in fact, i’ll yell it from the rooftops.





→ source : all the pretty things by hatch collection


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