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“winter is coming.” // g.r.r. martin

it wouldn’t be completely shocking to find out that i’m currently incubating a scratchy throat and slightly husky voice. though the side-effect is somewhat seductive – it’s really just a bit of a bore. the impending cold is hiding ’round the corner and it’s no wonder – in the span of 48 hours the temperature in our fair city has gone from a balmy-yet-nuts-feeling 31° to a suddenly-brisk 8°. not only was the change incredibly disconcerting, but physically shocking. all i want is a nap, and to make sure in the switch from summer wardrobe to winter everything that my cold-weather coat zips and will keep out the impending chill.





→ source : pilar oversized long duster coat via a piece apart

→ source : daniele alessandrini coat via yoox

→ source : oversized cobalt coat via jacquemus

→ source : zucca fur trim parka via la garçonne

“only those things are beautiful which are inspired by madness and written by reason.” // a. gide

if it all doesn’t make you just want to head out with a painted pout and a mop of verdant tresses, i’m not sure how the world can even try to inspire you next. i have to get the stars out of my eyes and on to my hands. it must happen – along with THE highest and most minimal wedges that ever walked a sidewalk. must. also, joy division in neon – because, of course.





→ source : image via imgfave

→ source : joy division in neon via pinterest

→ source : image via kelly wearstler’s myvibemylife

→ source : the highest wedges in all the land, image via riches for rags

☆ // may your weekend be filled with inspiration.

“the formulation of the problem is often more essential than its solution, …” // a. einstein

you put it all together and the math should work.

a length of cord + a pendant. you wear it around your neck and you call it a necklace. the same goes for a chain, a bangle, a bead or stone – clasp it about your wrist and name it a bracelet. the equation is the same, but the sum of its parts are decidedly different. as mentioned, i’ve always been bad at math, but forever attracted to geometry – just the type that needs to be worn, as opposed to the kind that needs to be powered through logic and wisdom. sometimes, however – i feel i’m drawn to a more organic type of math – one that comes from chemistry, the study of structure and the reactions of organic compounds and materials. and again, it’s not meant for notebooks, but to decorate – necks, wrists, and fingers.





→ source : charli bracelet via dannijo

→ source : tela necklace via tiro tiro

→ source : julie cohn barnacle ring via shop mille

→ source : shield necklace via odette

“there is absolutely nothing feminine about the colour pink, or, anything bad-luck’ish about the colour black — in itself.” // m. mokhonoana

i’ve always had an issue with pink.

i deemed it too girly, too feminine, too weak of a colour to be able to convey the strength i felt i had, and more-often-than-not, the toughness i wanted to make sure others assumed i had. and so, i turned to black. it did the trick, and there wasn’t much to think about – everything i owned matched.

the issue of pink, however, has become a bit more complicated as of late, as the four year old girl i get to play dress-up with, has become flush with like for the hue of blush. it’s inescapable, and it’s not that i think pink is inherently bad, or goes against this strange ribbon of feminism i’ve weaved into my mind – but, i just don’t want it to become the only choice – and i know i can’t keep it at bay forever. and so, i’ve set a goal to look at pink in a different light. wherein it’s tougher than i think, and that perhaps it’s not just for princesses in fairy tales anymore.





→ source : courrèges shift dress via far fetch

→ source : illesteva matte pink frieda sunglasses via ditto

→ source : valentino rockstud bracelet via ssense

→ source : patent pale pink pumps via miu miu

“remaining childish is a tremendous state of innocence.” // j. lydon

i’m not a particularly twee person, but i’m not too proud to admit to having an element of the kawaii about me. a soupçon of cute is never a bad thing in my estimation. sometimes, however, i feel like i just might be crossing a certain line and entering into some terribly adorable territory. i’m surrounded by kids’ play every day, but i find that i have a definite pull towards the whimsical and i have no intention of sharing this stash with the moppet. which i suppose, is a very childish trait. oh well, just call me an innocent.





→ source : aozora dot musee multi-crayon stick via jetpens

→ source : bow jovi via luckyboysunday (WANT.)

→ source : bloomingville hexagon shelves via my little square

→ source : happy flags bunting in peach via ferm living

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