“androgyny is not trying to manage the relationship between the opposites; it is simply flowing between them.” // j. singer

and now for the very antithesis of yesterday’s post: the thought that a woman can have a touch of the masculine in her manner of dress – yet can still be inherently feminine. it’s more interesting to note that a man cannot so seamlessly pass through that relationship of opposites, but that’s a discussion better left for another day – and for those who are better equipped to deal in matters more serious than what one should wear in the morning.

there’s something i find so instantly appealing about a woman who wears a lapel and a sharp shoulder. it’s not hard to suss out why; i’ve forever thought that mixing the girlish with an element of grit is a combination very close to flawless. it’s the ideal…





→ image source : the fashion tag

→ image source : always perfect, always amazing – kate lanphear via harper’s bazaar australia

→ image source : hanna’s room

→ image source : grazia daily – i’d like to be the really short and curvy girl in the middle between kate lanphear and jenna lyons. inspiration juggernauts!

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