“how sad and bad and mad it was – but then, how it was sweet.” // r. browning

i’ve been living in the past.

in the last seven days i’ve been hanging out in the places that i frequented when i was seventeen. i’m not being literal – spending time in the establishments of my youth would be both too sad and too creepy to commit to print, but in my mind, i’ve been looking back at things past, and i have to admit, it wasn’t all that bad. it’s hindsight working its best illusion. i’ve been listening to A LOT (a lot) of depeche mode since their concert in toronto the other week, and then i went down the 101 rabbit-hole and only resurfaced when i realized i had no way of listening to my ancient collection of thesmiths/thecure/thespecials cassette tapes. and then the other day, a pair of creepers landed on my doorstep – and i realized, that looking back isn’t always as bad as it seems., and that you can go home again – if only the shoes you’re wearing can still take you there…





→ source : markus lupfer for armand basi via style.com

→ source : image via vogue australia

→ source : image via vogue nippon

→ source : image via me, myself & i and shoes from underground

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