“i don’t have techno-fear, i have techno-joy! i love technology!… every time I get a new machine, i think, “this is the one! i won’t have to work again!” // e. izzard

in university, i had a compaq presario. i won’t even dignify that with a link to take you somewhere to see this beast – it’s just not worth it. not to mention, incredibly embarrassing. what did i know of technology? i needed to write endless essays on wordsworth and hang out in chatrooms that yelled poetic about the merits of blur vs. oasis. (blur. always. end of conversation.)

sometime between then and now, including that one time i married a dedicated follower of all things jobs, i’ve amassed a collection of roughly ten owned URLS and seven email addresses; added to that, all the tech accessories and sundry that are included in those pristine, and sharply-cornered white boxes. i suppose it makes sense that even the gadgets i use must look a certain way – it’s not a matter of being superficial, but if everything you touch can be pretty, why waste that opportunity? if you must spend each day staring at a computer/phone/tablet, let it at least be a pleasure to do so…





→ source : powermate plus portable battery charger via amazon

→ source : jc vogt iphone case via casetagram

→ source : zhp-400 headphones, in bright pink, or any other colour you can think of, via zumreed

→ source : if a case that’s almost as expensive as the ipad is no big thing, this marni pvc one is perfect –  via net-a-porter


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