“i wish that every human life might be pure transparent freedom.” // s. de beauvoir

to be perfectly clear – i’ve always liked a granny pant.

the reason that is of any significance to you is simple. not only are they far superior in comfort in comparison to any other flimsy bit of fabric you put between you and your clothes, but what is of utmost importance is that if you’re going to pull off the sheer look with some aplomb and very far removed from cheap street – you’re going to need a granny pant. it lends a hand of modesty to an otherwise overtly provocative look – and adds a dash of humour. the thing is, i’d hazard a guess that most eyes would view this sort of look as dainty and utterly feminine – that a wisp of a woman would wear something as sheer, floaty and dreamlike as a see-through dress. i’d aver that they would be wrong: you’d need a nerve of steel and an unshakable confidence to pull this off – you’d be pretty close to wonder woman in my estimation…





→ image source via : the always perfect yasmin sewell via street peeper

→ image source via : pinterest

→ image source via : wishbone wanderlust

→ image source via : pretty stems


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