“two people of similar nature can never get along, it takes two opposites to harmonize.” // r. mohan

as there are two sides to every story, two halves to a whole – a single, solitary person too, can be seen as only half the story.

i’m all dark and cloudy (in dress only – and only in a very tongue-in-cheek sort of way) – but there is a part of me, one that resides in my imagination only – that is all sunshine and light. gauzy skirts blowing in breezes, tresses – languid, laying back in a field of grass, reading a harlequin romance… wait, what?

okay – that’s pushing an envelope too far, but i am able to address the fact that somewhere inside of me resides a woman that perhaps has just a hint of sweetness to her sartorial choices. whether that’ll ever see the light of day is ultimately unlikely, but it’s a nice daydream to have once in a while…





→ image via : style.com : adam lippes ss2014

→ image via : style.com : araks ss2014 (i’ll be honest. i would wear this now. i would wear this entire collection. i would wear it until it was threadbare.)

→ image via : style.com : rosie assoulin ss2014

→ image via : style.com : joie ss2014

☆ // have an unbearably light weekend…


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