“egotism, n: doing the new york times crossword puzzle with a pen.” // a. bierse

it is absolutely ridiculous the sheer volume of pens i own.

what’s even more absurd is that for someone who is as logged in as i am, you’d think i’d never need for anything that writes with ink, ever. it’s a leftover of childhood, it’s the love of stationery stores, it’s the fact that along with the umpteen rhodia notebooks that lie in wait to be filled, i need a rainbow-opoly of pens to go along with them. you see, i’ve started making notes again – reminders, ideas, doodles of cubes and swirls – mementos of hours spent on the phone when i was a teenager and there wasn’t an iphone to play words with friends whilst talking to friends… so – ask me if i have a pen, whatever the reason, i promise i’ll always have one.





→ source : field notes clic-pen via walker shop

→ source : platinum preppy fountain pen, in purple of course, via cult pens

→ source : pilot juice gel ink pens, a six-pack of hues, via jet pens

→ source : kaweco sport rollerball via wonder pens

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