“the clash of ideas is the sound of freedom.” // lady bird johnson

though the thought of donning one pattern, let alone multiple prints, fills me with some sort of clothbound terror – i can allow my own odd idiosyncrasies to swallow a beta-blocker for a moment and realize what a liberating experience it must be to wear batik with a houndstooth, a madras with millefleurs – and gingham with an ikat. i mean, what an absolutely devil-may-care attitude toward dressing – you clothe your outer-self as colourfully as you believe your inner self to be. (to wit, my inner self is a lot more colourful than my darkly-coated candy shell), i’m just a little bit more cautious with the colours i show on the outside.





→ source : blink london

→ source : brands exclusive

→ source : essence

→ source : the master of the clash, stella jean


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