“she had an immense curiosity about life, and was constantly staring and wondering.” // h. james


i do quite a bit of that.

just staring and wondering. it’s not without cause – i’m just probably in awe: of shop windows on the street, of random graffiti, by local artists, by the clouds in the sky. my creative outlet is this – coming here, and hearing the constant click of the key, trying to describe to you why it is i think something is beautiful. how some random piece of clothing, some silly notion, a chair, a piece of glass – can make my heart sing a little beat. but it’s those who make those beautiful things that really inspire. i want to climb into their minds and just for a moment, see what it is that they see – and how they put it all together. it must be so absolutely amazing to have that…power.

since my mind is a bit slower in catching up with my hands, i take my curiosity and patiently wait for the mailman to deliver me my copy of uppercase magazine. each page is an inspiration and beyond that, just gorgeous to look at – and sometimes, though curiosity killed the cat – sometimes, satisfying that curiosity – is enough to bring it back.


→ find it : uppercase magazine and in toronto, at type books


  • Erin (from UPPERCASE)

    Thanks for the wonderful post! Would you mind dropping me an email? I’d love to get in touch and add you to our blogger mailing list.
    Erin from UPPPERCASe

  • Joy

    Just sent you a tweet, as I’m reaching out to share our upcoming launch on Kickstarter 11/7 of modern botanical porcelain.
    I hope you love us, and will share with your bloggers. You’ve inspired me for a very long time. Thanks. <3

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