“strange as it may seem, i still hope for the best, even though the best, like an interesting piece of mail, so rarely arrives, and even when it does it can be lost so easily.” // l. snicket

i used to love getting the mail.

when i was 16 my family moved to europe for a spell, and at 16 there was no worse fate than leaving your friends, what seemed like your own little universe, behind. it didn’t matter that i got to see a bit of the world, it didn’t matter that i experienced culture; those first few months away – were adolescently hellish. it got better, of course, because how could it not – the proximity to paris, berlin and london all but made me forget about learning to drive and three hour phone calls with friends who lived seven houses away. europe, wouldn’t you know, is pretty great for a sixteen year old girl. yet, the one thing i always looked forward to, was the mail. i would get loads of it – this was of course, prior to electronic communication – and so i would get reams of paper stuffed inside manila envelopes – with scrawls and drawings and notes and wishes from friends who missed me and who were very much missed themselves. in retrospect, i pine for that kind of mail. now, the mailbox only spits out bills and the occasional postcard. we’re so far-removed from actual correspondence that we’ve started sporting accessories that look like mail in their stead. it’s not the most perfect trade-off, but it’ll do, from time to time.





→ source : grainy leather envelope clutch by miu miu via mytheresa

→ source : pomegranates clutch tote via falcon wright

→ source : foldover clutch via clare vivier

→ source : antigona envelope clutch by givenchy via barneys


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