“i found I could say things with color and shapes that i couldn’t say any other way – things i had no words for.” // g. o’keeffe

i wish it would become more plain – this divide i have in my brain between the appeal of monochrome in most everything i own/do/am attracted to, and the joy it elicits when dressed in head to toe black, how a splash of exuberant colour can make me positively giddy. it’s almost as if i’m opening a door, just a crack, to make certain you’ll find a sense of humour hiding behind this dark exterior. never let the façade fool you into thinking what the inside of the house looks like; after all, you know what assuming makes out of you (and me), don’t you?





→ source : crystal nine bead necklace via emily green

→ source : jewel plaid mini zipper clutch via kindah khalidy

→ source : yarnz beige leopard face cashmere scarf via liberty

→ source : jura mittens via marimekko


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