“you can’t use up creativity. the more you use, the more you have.” // m. angelou

for ages, i lamented the fact that i wasn’t a bit creative.

i could write a sentence or two that would humour a few – but university-era creative writing courses always seemed a bit too self-important to be included in what i thought creativity to be. angsty prose didn’t scan as creativity, more than a glorified way of explaining away how annoyed we were with our parents/boyfriends/girlfriends/roomates/meal-cards. i wanted to make pretty things. i wanted to gild, and hot-glue, and fold and paste, and wrap and cut and shred. i thought to be creative meant one should be able to see and feel the end result – not just read it, see it littered with the mighty red-pen, and then thrust it into the very back of our bookbags, only to be humiliated by it years later.

now, i know. i know that to be creative means just about anything you want it to mean. whether it’s colourful bunting, an accordion centre-piece made of old magazines, beautifying any surface you can stick your washi tape on, and my particular talent – wrapping a gift. my wrapping skills are the stuff of legends, (in my own mind). so, you be you – where are you using your creativity?





→ source : ‘star stuff’ quote poster by halfpence design via etsy

→ source : silver oversized hobo by patkas via etsy

→ source : rain & cloud tea towel by oelwein via etsy

→ source : sea mist hair & body spray by herbivore botanicals via etsy

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