“beauty itself is but the sensible image of the infinite.” // f. bacon

if beauty and time are infinite – it is absolutely no wonder that these fashion weeks seem interminable.

i’m not sure how one can digest this much fashion, as the lines between hems and cuffs start to blur and peacock blue is starting to scan turquoise – it’s time to call it quits and style.com and i have to go on a break, it’s just been way too intense. new york fashion week was four weeks ago – and now, this fashion month and a half… MUST END.

i’m not sure how those who edit and style can process the enormousness of all these collections. it’s just toooooo much. i for one am glad for it to come to its inevitable end, (until february), there’s just so much beauty one can take.





top to bottom :

chanel ss2014 // valentino ss2014 // marc jacob’s last collection for louis vuitton – a punk/showgirl LV i can 100% get behind //

and because i loved it so, three from sacai ss2014

☆ // all photos courtesy of style.com


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