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“i fell off my pink cloud with a thud.” // e. taylor





→ image source : vogue china via alex vesey

→ image source : pinked niagara falls via cfda tumblr

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→ image source : cfda tumblr, again. mmm, pink pretzels…

☆ // may your weekends include a touch of pink…

“her heart was a secret garden and the walls were very high.” // w. goldman

granted, my walls are fairly average in height.

they may be uneven and ever-so slightly crookedly built, but average nonetheless. but slowly, as this very old house becomes more and more our home every time we re-open our front door, i know that these walls keep within them a lot of laughter, a few secrets, tears and rows, and far too few hours of sleep – enjoyable hours to be sure, just too few of them…

and as the years go by we’re making it more and more our own, hanging art and taping garlands to the walls. and the next length that needs some attention is the tiniest water closet you ever did see – one that would be served best by the loudest, most monochrome and graphic print i can find. you know, something subtle and elegant…





→ source : joonas wallpaper via marimekko

→ source : double trouble wallpaper via ferm living

→ source : triangles via hygge & west

→ source : random geometry via nama rococo


“we need houses as we need clothes, architecture stimulates fashion. it’s like hunger and thirst — you need them both.” // k. lagerfeld

toronto is not known for its architecture, as of late the city has become infamous for far more humiliating topics.* ignoring that, (if only we could), there are some charming spots in and around the city where the buildings do hold a certain quirky appeal.

the old victorians in the west-end, the low-rise apartments in the middle of the city that bring to mind a city coming of age in the 50s. and in having to live amongst these bricks, to stare at them day in and day out, brings to mind that in staring at your wardrobe, day in and day out, you better find some charm in there too, or you’ll be finding somewhere else to live, right quick.





→ source : all the pretty things via dusen dusen

*no. i will not utter, nor type its name.

“everybody will get their wants, when they heartily want.” // s. kalwar

if it didn’t make me just a little bit uncomfortable stating how many things i actually want, i’d sing it from the rooftops.

it’s not a rampant consumerism that drives me, or the desire to be the girl with the most cake – it’s just that i have very little will when confronted with (what i find to be) beautiful. it took me much too long to admit that beauty, and let me state again, my version of it, is of considerable meaning to me. and that importance needn’t instantly equate one with vanity or superficiality. when you take the long view – life can get a bit pear-shaped and muddled, and if something as simple as the curve of a bracelet, (the deliciousness of a meal, two hours spent in a movie theatre, playing video games, buying sweaters for your dog, whatever the case may be) – gives you pleasure – than by all means, get it while you can.





→ source : all the pretty things via fay andrada

“the merit of all things lies in their difficulty.” // a. dumas

although i like to maintain that i am easy like sunday morning, i know that i rest somewhere in the mid-to-high range of maintenance – i know in my very bones that i don’t give off that delightful whiff of ease and whimsy, as i believe so many other woman do. it goes without saying that those women too, would laugh at the very thought of getting up and actually just going, but it seems to me that getting dressed, exponentially moreso in winter with its many layerslayerslayers, is just so positively laborious.

i’d love it if a toque and a jauntily tied scarf were all it took to make me feel like a (warm) human-being, but ultimately – i end up feeling like the stay-puft marshmallow man – albeit, with better hair…





i just looked at these photos again, and it seems the missing component in my lust for a languid winter is long, straight hair – and possibly a bright lip.

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→ image source : le cool et chic

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→ image source : vanessa jackman

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