“the knack of flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.” // d. adams

as i sit here, spilling out of my seat in row 18, aisle seat C, (a far cry from the fluke of an upgrade on the way to the east coast), i’m feeling like a sardine sat on a well-used cushion. i will, however, take some cold comfort in the fact that at least i dressed for comfort, as uncomfortable traveling from a to b can be.

yet, as i was advancing my way up the economy gangway, i noticed that there were perhaps those who find comfort in their clothes in a way i do not. it was the women, one woman in particular who now sits at the very back of this metal can, that strode up to her seat in a 5″ platform shoe; that made clear how one’s perception and feeling of comfort may fly miles farther than where yours or mine, might live. it’s fine of course – we all come from different places – i think i’d just like being closer to the ground when i’m flying 37,000 feet above it.






→ source : cape coat via a.p.c.

→ source : striped shirt via wood wood

→ source : r13 slouchy skinny jean via lagarçonne

→ source : 5″ pull-on shearling boot via no.6


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