“take, if you must, this little bag of dreams, unloose the cord, and they will wrap you round.” // w.b. yeats

the dream is always about a bag.

not the life-fulfilling-climb-mount-kilimanjaro-win-the-lottery-be-wildly-philanthropic-yet-no longer-carry-a-mortgage kind of dream, but i’m always, kinda/sorta wishing on a bag. it doesn’t need to be an IT, it doesn’t even need to be a who, the name of it all doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to manifest itself into a want, but i seem to forever gravitate to those things that i can put more things in to. i’m sure there’s someone out there with a PsyD who could help me out with that, but i think the two designers at mackage could be of a lot more help…





→ source : all the pretty things via mackage

☆// may your weekend be dreamlike…


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