“the merit of all things lies in their difficulty.” // a. dumas

although i like to maintain that i am easy like sunday morning, i know that i rest somewhere in the mid-to-high range of maintenance – i know in my very bones that i don’t give off that delightful whiff of ease and whimsy, as i believe so many other woman do. it goes without saying that those women too, would laugh at the very thought of getting up and actually just going, but it seems to me that getting dressed, exponentially moreso in winter with its many layerslayerslayers, is just so positively laborious.

i’d love it if a toque and a jauntily tied scarf were all it took to make me feel like a (warm) human-being, but ultimately – i end up feeling like the stay-puft marshmallow man – albeit, with better hair…





i just looked at these photos again, and it seems the missing component in my lust for a languid winter is long, straight hair – and possibly a bright lip.

→ image source : nymag.com

→ image source : le cool et chic

→ image source : fashionologie

→ image source : vanessa jackman


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