“everybody will get their wants, when they heartily want.” // s. kalwar

if it didn’t make me just a little bit uncomfortable stating how many things i actually want, i’d sing it from the rooftops.

it’s not a rampant consumerism that drives me, or the desire to be the girl with the most cake – it’s just that i have very little will when confronted with (what i find to be) beautiful. it took me much too long to admit that beauty, and let me state again, my version of it, is of considerable meaning to me. and that importance needn’t instantly equate one with vanity or superficiality. when you take the long view – life can get a bit pear-shaped and muddled, and if something as simple as the curve of a bracelet, (the deliciousness of a meal, two hours spent in a movie theatre, playing video games, buying sweaters for your dog, whatever the case may be) – gives you pleasure – than by all means, get it while you can.





→ source : all the pretty things via fay andrada


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